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Re: 3-D Anniversary Special

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So, for those of us who are ignorant about 3D TV, if you don't have a 3D TV, it will have no effect on you right? No distortion or degradation of qualty if veiwed on a regular TV?

Also, do 3D TVs really work? Do you actually see a 3D effect?

And yea, if they only made it 1hr, so they could afford to 3D it, that really sucks. I guess it's future proofed, but, man, what a bummer.
Go into your local Best Buy and they have 3D sets on display. They look like shit. Then you put the glasses on ... Oh, btw, you generally get one pair of glasses with it, and extras are $150 per pair.

Unless you are at the "sweet spot" exactly the right distance away, and not off to the side by so much as a centemeter, it looks sort of 3d-ish. If you're trying to watch it with someone else, neither will have a good experience watching.

The technology isn't there, the tv screens are too small, and it's basically full of suckitude.

To pay the outrageous amount of money it will cost to produce this sucker in 3D for the tiny amount of the audience who actually has the ability to watch it ... well, frankly, it's insane.
Heh, so really, no different than a 3D DVD on a regular set wit Glasses. I had exactly the same experience with the Freddy Krueger movie that has the 3D scenes and with a 3D version of Night of the Living Dead. If you have on the glasses, and sit in exactly the right place, you kinda get the effect, if you'renot lined up exactly right and the exact right difference, no effect (other than being able to see the picture clearly), and uwatchable without the glasses on.
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