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Re: Your job...

I work as a sort of fix-it all handy man in my dads small company. We are 4 full time employees.

We do things like carpentering, painting, wallpapering, tree felling, tree trimming, lawn moving, window renovations, window washing, shovel snow, rake leaves, burn the leaves or trees we've trimmed, put the boat in for the season, take the boat up for the winter, throw stuff at the dump, help people move, clean for the showing of the house when it's to be sold, make sure the house is warm for the weekend, make sure the house haven't been infested by rats, make sure the rats haven't sold the lines on the black market, make sure the lines haven't sold the rats on the black market and all other sorts of small things you can think of that we have the knowledge and legal clearance for. All the things that people do not have the time, knowledge or strength for.

It's very varied work. For better and worse. I can honestly say that if I have become bored with a certain task, there's almost always something different to do.

Do I love it? Some days. Some days when I'm moving the lawn a beautiful summers day on a lot with a fantastic view of the sea (and there quite a few lots like that around here), and I'm just walking around building up a decent sweat and listening to some music...and then realizing I actually get payed for this, then yeah, I love it.

Most days I "just" really like it. And of course some days I hate it. Like when you shovel snow all day long and then gotta redo the next fucking day because there's more snow! But, I won't be doing this my whole life. I want do something a bit more aesthetically creative. But for now, and probably for a few years more, this will do quite fine.
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Also, we have one of those old-timey rolling book ladders, which is awesome, and the printers are on my floor near my desk, so when I get board at work, I just pretend we're an old-timey printing press and I imagine all my coworkers with handlebar mustaches and visors and waistcoats and bussels and corsets and things.
I do say, that sounds absolutely smashing!
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