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Pavonis wrote: ''You have to recognize when a problem exists to know to give orders to fix it. I mean, sure, McCoy could order Sulu to warp out of orbit or order Scott to "give him more power", but in the end, McCoy isn't needed to give those orders, as Scott and Sulu are far more experienced than McCoy and wouldn't need to be told what to do.''

Except when third season mistakes crop up, and McCoy orders SULU not to fire phasers on inhabited areas of Elba II in WHOM GODS DESTROY. Sulu just says ''Yes, sir.''

OBSESSION makes clear that McCoy is in a uniquely fun position. He couldn't take command if anyone else on ship was alive, but he alone can relieve anybody from command, including the Captain. So it's cool to watch McCoy stick it to Shatner----I mean, Kirk when his boss steps out of line.
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