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But he was NOT a line officer. Putting him in the chair would've been so much fanwank.
And as we all know, fanwank only gets aired... on TNG.
I have been fighting the urge to bring up TNG episode where Beverly is left in command of the ship when the Borg attack. Or when Troi is training to take the test for command. Ugh!

These two individuals have special skills & interests that got them posted to a starship, but -in my opinion- it seems a big stretch that their characters would have the urge to command. They each definitely had skills in heading a department, but this did not give them the capability to (potentially) take a ship into battle.

And just so no one is lead to believe that I am against women in command: Kira, Rachel Garrett, and Captain Janeway were written so to convince me that they were capable of commanding a starship.
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