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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

Actually it sounds quite cool how they envision it and it makes me even more interested.

Roberts has a point by claimg that current re-spawn games take the urgency and tension out of games.. as much fun as it is to charge a room full of enemies you do it because you know that the autosave function will take you back to a near point and you only lose some moments of gaming.

With this system players will actually be forced to run occasionally if opposition is just too strong or the enemy pilot too good.. withdraw to fight another day. I also like the visual cues to characters that show wear and tear over time so you could instantly spot the vets from the noobs in a bar (and make a wide circle around the vets if you don't want trouble).

Small nitpick though.. i agree that killing big bossess in MMO's is kinda tedious when it's the same one that's been killed by thousands before but simply renaming a known NPC so others can kill him and feel unique is just painting over the whole thing.. people still get to kill the same guy, just with a different name.

Anyway.. Roberts sure has an ambitious game planned.. i hope everything pans out like he wants it too and it's as cool as it sounds.

Might even be time to get a new gaming PC when it comes out.. i miss the 90s when Roberts' games were the indicators it was time to buy the next PC generation
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