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Re: Dukat character - writer's mess?!

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Really? Personally I have to say I felt cheated. I found it a total anti-climax. All along I'd been waiting for these two to have a really big fight - I mean you knew the gloves were going to come off at one point - but I saw them fighting as men, as soldiers and commanders. I thought it would be battleships or phasers or even hand-to-hand.
In other words a real fight.

Instead everything goes metaphysical (and I'm a big fan of metaphysical in most cases), the Pah-wraith/Dukat creature does some fire magic and a lot of taunting, and then Sisko simply jumps on him and they fall into the pit.

I was just sitting there going "this was IT"?

Personally for me, the whole occupation story arc (end of Season 5 / beginning of season 6) where the station is conquered and then re-taken, was the more satisfying "big confrontation" (apart from the fact that they had Sisko simply pick up his arch-enemy, finding him in a dejected witless heap in a corner, obviously...)
Dukat's little speech with the whole "bow down to me," vaporizing Kai Winn (yay!) and falling into a pit of fire was, like I said, over the top, but I really think that they pulled it off.

The Dominion taking over and losing Terok Nor/DS9 was also definitely another highlight.
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