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Re: No attempt to clone The Big Bang Theory yet?

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You guys are missing something here. How did Leonard manage to avoid seeing the movies and also internet chatter before finally reading the book for that even to still be a spoiler?

Hell, I'm not a Potter fan, but I've at least seen the movies and read online all the major plot points without having opened the books.

I personally found it strange that he didn't know the spoiler already. It's just one of the many details the writers get wrong on the show when dealing with "nerd culture".
They mostly get it right. At least from this nerd's experience. They probably used Potter because it's owned by Warner and would be more recognizable to the audience.
I agree with your position on Harry Potter -- its nerdy no matter when it is read or viewed.

But I disagree with your take above about BBT usually getting it right. I watch the reruns a lot and I am always taking notice of how the show reveals who it's audience is (mainstream read: "older" non-nerds) with little things.

There was one episode where they used a Batleth. Every time they mentined it, it was called a "Klingon" Batleth. If a Batleth had ever been used on Community, I doubt the producers would have felt the need to identify the weapon so that the audience had some frame of reference. "Klingon" is much more identifiable than "Batleth".

In another episode, Summer Glau made an appearance. They mentioned the Sarah Conner Chronicles more than once. I don't think they mentioned Firefly at all, but then that is the show for which she is best known in the nerd community and that is not the audience to which BBT is geared.

The show tries way to hard to make the characters appear to be "of" nerd culture and too often fails.
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