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Re: VOY Caption Contest 102, couples never meant to be; Janeway/Chakot

Janeway: Hm, it says here Voyager was commissioned on June 15, in honor of Jim Varney's birthday.

EMH: Captain, as your father confessor, I really must protest your choice of recreational proclivities.

Janeway: Sorry Doctor, it was dark and the hayloft was crowded. I'll try to work you in tonight.

EMH: I'm a hologram too, s'all I'm saying.

Tuvok: The Captain asked me to accompany her to Fairhaven.

Chakotay: Oh? Is she going to take you into the hayloft?

Tuvok: Perhaps. It depends on how well her blind date goes.

Chakotay: Better check your star chart, because you just crossed into the Friend Zone.

Chakotay: Something you should know about us outdoorsy types. We like our women to have acute spatial reasoning.

Janeway: Thanks, I am cute and special, now tell me the reasons.

Janeway: <Lifts one cheek and farts>
Harry: I'm still here, Captain.
Janeway: Computer, delete the Ensign.
Harry: Still not a hologram, Captain.
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