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Re: Vote for your favorite Die Hard movies

I voted for 1, 3, and 4. In that order.

I skipped the second one, even though I own them all, because I felt if I voted for all four that's the same as not voting for any of them.

I also don't get the hate for the 4th one. If you watch the unrated version, it fixes a lot of the problems. I think overall, it would have been better had Wiseman gone for gold and a hard-R rating. Around the movie's release (and when I found out it was PG13) he was quoted as saying he didn't direct it with a rating in mind, but assumed it would be R. I think he's full of shit and was told to tone it down, and tried a bit of CYA. Even the unrated version is tame compared to the others.

If they make a Die Hard 6, it needs to be called "Old Habits Die Hard", and I'm guaranteed in the theater!
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