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Re: Downton Abbey - Am I Missing Something?

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OK, so... I freely admit I've seen 25 minutes worth of one episode. So, I very well could be missing a great deal. But that's my reason for asking so. So please don't eye-roll and flame me if I am, alright? Thanks!

But... from that cursory exposure... I find what little I observed, I didn't like. It seems to me a show about one of the wrongs of our past: the class system. A wrong that still exists today, but that we've made great ambitious strides towards pushing as far out of our culture as we can,

Am I wrong? Is it really a show about how all the servants save the day and educate the rich upper crust of the evils of a class system? Or something otherwise redeeming?

What's the attraction of this show?
It's well-made, has lots of good period detail and an ensemble of fine performers playing nicely developed characters.
Costumes maybe but the social-political stuff is either so simplified to be insulting or simply wrong or sanitised paternalist bilge.

It's a great soap but it has nothing deeper to say.
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