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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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TOS (and other Star Trek series) are currently considered (for the most part) 'safe' family viewing.
I like some of the TOS-R effects, while disliking others. This is not a rabid preservationist attitude so much as an aesthetic judgment. Many of the new FX simply do not match the style of the rest of the show—like bits of cursive brush script in the middle of a page of plain, sans serif text, or maybe a rock'n'roll guitar riff in the middle of Vivaldi's SPRING.

As Noname remarked, gore would be out of style for TOS. There is also a "zeitgeist" issue. During the '60s Ginger and MaryAnn on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND and Jeannie on I DREAM OF JEANNIE did not show their bellybuttons on TV. The makers of STAR TREK spoke in parables to get their message past the network censors. Add gore to that? Seeing Marta choke in the poisonous atmosphere was enough. No need to Spielberg it up with inyerface FX.
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