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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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I'm imagining Marta's explosive demise in "Whom Gods Destroy" and wondering if the CGI artists should have added a big splash of green blood smacking the window and running down, leaving a stain.

In other words, should they have traded historicity for impact?

The CGi was very restrained throughout the series, and I wonder if they could have done a little more here and there without straying too far from the original feeling. Note that the original was restrained by a combination of budget, technology, and the broadcast standards of the time, so it wasn't necessarily the "intent" of the creators.
What would b the point of adding more 'gore' to the scene? Also, TOS (and other Star Trek series) are currently considered (for the most part) 'safe' family viewing. Why wpould you want to change that?
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