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Re: a 198'' model of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A

hi everyone l

this is probably the most difficult post i've ever written.

in advance, thank you for your time.

Alex, i will be in touch with you shortly

to all: distance is not an issue, there is the internet and as far as i know anything can be shipped from anywhere at anytime. It's only a matter of how well organized we are.

This project is very important to me and cannot describe the admiration i have for this vessel. Truly she is beautiful.

brief curriculum...
as a teen i was into star trek for the technical/science aspect of it. First job was in interior decorating, working at Color Your World where I specialized in faux finishing, had picked up an interest in this while in school in theatrical productions. Later I had an antique store and was interested in restoring old furniture. After that got into computers, 2D & 3D, music, making websites.

When I saw The Matrix I started making independent films. That was a lot of fun. Later, discovered airsoft, so i opened a playing field and organized games and milsims. Worked for a signage company for a while. operating a Seiko 64in printer and then went back to working for myself.


our current projects are numerous and complex...

my day job is to create kits to construct table top game settings (buildings, dungeons, castles and stuff like that). I won't elaborate more than that because already i've said too much...

When I was into prop making I came up with a kit for the E11 blaster. It went viral and could not supply the demand. Some folks in the 501st got word of the kit and the news spread. That's when I got interested in making props into kits. Eventually this developed in the project of making building kits for table top games.


trains... this is a bit long to explain...

My wife and I have 6 kids. We are into gardening and tiny homes. We want to make our own energy. We are funny that way. I am also a train enthusiast. I love making trees and all sorts of dioramas... it's like TerraGen but with real stuff!

Anyhow, last summer we've put our house for sale and we are looking for a piece of land on which we can build our home and a live action and role playing field, LARP for short. As expected, everyone here is pretty excited about this.

A couple weeks back, we are all sitting around the table one evening talking about the kind of tiny house each one would like to build. When Suzanne throws this 'how about we live on a train?'

we where all silent. Each of us considering how great the idea was. She goes on to say 'steampunk design, engine at the front pulling the train and providing the energy, not moving too fast but just fast enough to get the feel of moving... we could have a wagon for the living room, one for the kitchen, a green house and so on. The real house would be the train station and we happen to live on the train."

i was speechless, numbed by to enormity of what she was talking about. Please understand that i am the kind of person who spirals out of control when i get to build something from scratch. And a train? Man this i have to dedicate my life to cause it's way to amazing to just let the idea go by.

which brings me to the Enterprise.

since the polar light model came out I wanted to get one. But it felt kind of silly to buy one when i could build her from scratch. We had talked about building her 11 feet long at one point. Still it was not large enough to really get into the details that makes this ship so wonderful.

So one evening Suzanne and I are sketching the green house wagon.

* angel choir, beam of light from heaven * look and behold, in my mind's eye there is a vision of the Enterprise gently coating at night against the star field... I was trembling.

Steph "Sweety... do you think we could build one for the Enterprise"
Sue "Love... you better make the Enterprise bigger, else she will look like a small fish in an aquarium."

I love that woman.


About the shop.

We have two shops actually. One for the cnc router table and power tools. The second provides a dust free environment.The shops always change around according to projects and we try to keep it simple so that it's easy to re-adapt.

The cnc router has a table of X48" by Y48" by Z6". I usually machine plastics and wood. Little experience machining aluminum. Made a tool to hold a dremmel for engraving. Also thinking about adding 3D printer module.

I have two alps printer, a MD 1000 and MD 5100. A Roland Camm-1 pro plotter to cut vinyl or draw plans. A Futura 500 stitching machine to make patches.

Since i cannot post pictures i am providing a link to my facebook gallery. Made some albums public so you don't have to add me as friend. Also made available pictures of my family so that you can put a face on all of us

please don't request props cause i no longer make them, not even for trades, i am sorry folks. CBS Law is the final frontier.


At this point in time

all images and material consulted has been referenced. I run an excel spreadsheet where information going into the porject is logged. Keeping tabs on books, blueprints, online material and websites.

Also i am thinking about an interactive side to her, a blog, youtubes of the construction, etc.

Currently I am working on drawing the secondary hull, placing deck beams and such. If some people can assist with that part of the construction it would be very much appreciated. (thanks sojourner, will do)

I guess this sums it up.

again many thanks for your time everyone. If you still want to get involved in this project you are all welcome. Like i said in a previous post, it will be possible for others to get the parts to build a ship of their own. Would be fun to know that there is a real fleet out there.

Any one out there who would like for this to be treated as a real ship building in a real yard? Cause i am game for it, really i am. There is no limit to where we can bring this and there is so much exploration and learning and fun to have in such a project, enough to interested anyone who has something going for Enterprise.

Until this project is complete, my life is centered around Enterprise. There are no simpler ways to say it.

Looking forward to hear from you guys

Best regards,

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