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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Oh, I just found out that the brand new Vintage Collection Slave 1 and TIE Interceptor will be exclusives and not available at mass retail. Two other Vintage ships (Republic Gunship, Biggs' X-Wing Fighter) will be available at all major brick-and-mortar retailers and the fifth (Endor AT-AT) will remain a Toys "R" Us exclusive.

If true, I imagine a lot of mint-in-box collectors are going to be seriously miffed when it comes to the Slave 1 and TIE Interceptor. Amazon is notoriously bad at shipping action figure and other toy packaging and having it arrive in great condition. I wouldn't blame some folks for waiting to get them from eBay or another online dealer that gets their hands on some, because Amazon will ship a mashed and flattened box or cardback and not bat an eye about it.
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