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Re: 10 Reason ST:DS9 Misjudged

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As a "converted" DS9 viewer;

When I first saw DS9 I didn't like it simply because you would get lost if you tried to see the odd episode here or there.

This is not just due to the long-runing arc but also to the complexity of the characters and their interaction.

On TNG (NOT one of my favourites) the characters were much easier to follow. Interactions were far shallower so it was easy to pop-in for an odd episode here or there.

Their is no question that once you watch DS9 in order it is a completely different world.
Everyone is different...

I was probably watching six to eight episodes a season (after the first year) and never felt lost when tuning into DS9. At its core it's Star Trek and even though it had a bit more in the way of straight serialization, it was still episodic in nature for most of its run.
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