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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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Janeway started off a good character, both Captain and scientist. But as the series progressed there was little consistency, swinging from upholding UFP law to the letter to attempted murder of Noah Lessing. Had they picked a direction and stuck with it (either as someone who will hold onto the rules and regs or someone willing to do whatever needed to be done to get home). She needed more to her, other than simply being billed as Star Trek's first female lead.
In the pilot, Janeway was clearly depicted as someone who would bend the regs to do what she thought was right, even at the cost of not getting home. You're imagining inconsistency because you've ignored what's on screen.

Chakotay was very dull. Aside from being a Native American Maquis there didn't seem to be much else to him. He should have been angrier and more abrasive, butted heads with Janeway at every opportunity, make him more focused on his people than the crew as a whole. This would change over time, as would his relationship with the Captain, both becoming far more complex.
There is no reason for such anger. Pointless conflict has no dramatic interest. Petty squabbles would have been dull.

Kim was dull from his first to last scene. The idea of a green ensign is interesting, but after a year lost in the unknown he'd have grown some balls and would begin to mature, instead he whines about wanting him mummy for years. He should have died in Scorpion (serious, who'd they poll to find him attractive?).
Kim wasn't in enough scenes to whine for years. The handful of Kim episodes was less than 5% of the series. 5% is the rule of thumb for negligible! Also, Garrett Wang was very good looking and certainly fit into the People magazine "Beautiful People" spread. It really seems as though the mere sight of the character enraged you, which is a little odd.

Kes came into her own after she finished being Neelix's girlfriend (to this day that is still creepy). She had potential and lots of directions open to her, but they got rid of her needlessly.
No, there were no directions for her to pursue on Voyager. It was never clear why the woman was there in the first place. You could have made a show following Kes on her adventures in the Milky Way, but it wouldn't have been Star Trek. Jennifer Lien was very attractive (the voice was gorgeous!) but the actress' sex appeal does not justify the character. If only they'd had enough ruthlessness to ditch Paris and/or Torres, who were also dead end characters.
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