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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

the original was restrained by a combination of budget, technology, and the broadcast standards of the time, so it wasn't necessarily the "intent" of the creators.
It's kind of hard to say what "the intent of the creators" actually was, though. Unless the people behind TOS-R roused up Bob Justman out of his nap every single day and marched him down to CBS-D to personally sign off on every detail...

I think production personel on something like Star Trek always did their best with what they had. Sure, they would always have liked to do things differently, if they'd had more time and money. But ultimately, in my view, a product of the sixties is a product of the sixties, and adding extraneous CGI to it certainly does not fulfil "the intent of the creators". All it does do is polish up something old to a more modern standard that will, regardless, never actually 'be' a modern production. IMO if anything, adding CGI (or whatever else) to Star Trek isn't really about realising "the intent of the creators" at all. That's where I think a lot of fans make a mistake. It's more about meeting the expectations of a modern audience.
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