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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

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NKemp3 I really like what you said about Jake. I do think that the writers just dropped the ball on him and that he could have been a more interesting character if they had invested in him.

tomalak301 That is a good topic! We just might get to that after we work our way through the main characters.

The newest episode about Odo is up now. Thank you all for listening and sending us your feed back! does now have forum where you can let us know what you are thinking as well!
After I wrote about that topic, I listened to your episode where you guys say you won't talk about specific seasons so maybe I didn't understand what you meant. I was thinking Season 2 along the lines of a period of transition for the series. Maybe not on an individual level, but if you look at the entire season as a whole, it goes from Bajoran politics, to the changing landscape of the Alpha Quadrent with the Maquis situation, to really going for broke by introducing the dominion. A lot of people don't label season 2 as one of their favorite seasons, but when you look at it as a whole, it might be DS9's most important season and probably the season to start if you're introducing new viewers. It's my third favorite season of the show because not only that, but the quality of episodes is just really good.

Really loved your conversation about Odo in today's podcast. I like the topic of him being a lone ranger type character because it is true. He has to follow the rules, but your point about him believing that Justice never changes was a very good one.

Since you're doing major characters, I'm looking forward to your Dax conversation. Are you going to lump in Ezri with Jadzia or keep them separate for now. The only reason I bring this up is while I liked Jadzia, the more I watch the series, the more I think Jadzia was the weakest character in terms of how she was written. It would have been nice if the writers did give Jadzia a sense of direction other than being Worf's wife.
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