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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Honestly, I think Rick made the right call when it came to refusing to let Merle back into the group. Five minutes into the rendezvous in the woods and Merle was already stirring up trouble and picking fights with everyone in sight. Let's not forget, there was a reason Rick had to handcuff him to that rooftop in the first place . . . .

And regarding Tyrese's group . . . well, at least two of the newcomers were already plotting to seize control of the prison, so Rick's not entirely wrong in suspecting that these strangers could pose a danger to Carl and the others.
Yes, I would have liked to see Alan and Ben try and take away Carl's gun. Do they forget that this kid kept his head and rescued them from a walker infested prison?

Tyreese would have been digging three graves.
"They have to help the viewers let go. Firefly did a movie to wrap things up. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued on as a comic book. Heroes gradually lowered the quality season by season until we were grateful it ended. - Sheldon Cooper
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