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I'm currently a freelance Video Editor who also does video production, 3D graphics and the such. I started down this road many years ago. I was the Director of IS for a pretty large company in New Jersey but I was kind of disillusioned with the whole IT field at the time. I always wanted a more creative outlet and I had been editing projects in my spare time. I decided that I wanted to be a video editor, so I started to take on projects in my free time from work. I edited a lot of things for free in the begining, to get me out there. A few years into this, I built up a significant clients list and I'm spending almost my entire free time editing. It even starts to bleed into my full time job, with rush and emergency jobs coming in often. In the begining of 2002 I just broken up with my fiancée and I was kind of spinning my wheels at work, so I decided to quit my job and go at being a video editor full time. It was the scariest time for me, I have always had a job with more or less guaranteed paycheck. However I knew if I didn't do it then, I never would. I built up a significant amount in savings and jumped off the cliff. It has had it's ups and downs but I wouldn't change it for anything, working for yourself brings a kind of happiness that's hard to explain, you're in charge of you're own destiny. Now I'm at a crossroads of sorts, I'm moving a from Long Island NY to upstate NY near Syracuse. I'm going to loose all my video production clients, including a very large one that kept me solvent during the last few years when the economy tanked. I also loose some of my video editing clients, who I work with locally. It took me years to get where I am today and not sure I have the same energy and drive to do it over again. When I started out last time, I was all alone and now I have a family with very young kids and I'm just about to turn 45.

So I'm unsure what my future will bring at this time. I'm thinking about going back to school and getting my Masters. Once you work for yourself it's hard to imagine going back to working for someone. So basically I'm moving upstate unemployed.
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