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Re: The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

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^^ I am not sure about the kennels outside of Germany, particularly escribethose in the US, but over here, the hip dysplasia problem is under control now. For about 30 years, dogs inflicted with that problem have been strictly forbidden from breeding and the frame of the dogs has been altered as well: no more falling backs but straight ones now. It takes some weight off the hips and prevents the development of joint problems in very young dogs.
Arthrosis and spine problems due to old age are the main problems now. And there's still a certain tendency towards intestinal cancer.
It's a real shame how lax breeding standards are in the US. That includes for the kinds of problems you describe, and the tolerance for brachycephlic breeds of cat and dog (such as Pekes and Persians), which is IMHO cruel breeding because you are deliberately breeding a deformity that will detrimentally impact the animal's quality of life.

And then there's stuff like the legality of declawing and tail-docking, both procedures that should be banned but in the US are still allowed. (Don't like your cat clawing up the furniture? Too bad, IMHO. Either train your animal, cover vulnerable surfaces, use humane claw covers, or don't get a cat.)

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It's funny...I'm a lot more scared of small dogs than I am of big ones.
In my experience, small dogs are more aggressive than big ones. I can only guess at the reason but I think they propably believe they must make up for their lack of size and impress possible opponents with their aggression rather than an impressive look (like larger dogs can)
Yeah, I've always suspected they have a Napoleon complex, and know instinctively that they are NOT supposed to be that small.
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