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But why then do I hear about so many stories about American Republican politicians trying to force creationism into schools? Why do the majority of Republicans doubt evolution is real? Maybe those aren't Catholics, I don't know. .
Most often, those aren't Catholics.

The Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, as well as some of the mainline (as opposed to evangelical) Protestant denominations allow for theistic evolution--a position not to be confused with creationism/"Intelligent Design", as those are two entirely different positions.

Most often, when you see such anti-evolution stuff, it's Southern Baptist/evangelical/Pentecostal/nondenominational influenced, particularly given the influence those denominations have had on pop culture in the US and especially the South (thanks to the prominence of such figures as Billy Graham). Once you move away from Baptist-influenced denominations, I'm not saying you won't see some of that among Christians of other types, but it's quite a bit less frequent.
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