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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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What makes you think that? Evidently she was not kicked out of the Academy, so her behavior was considered to be acceptable.
Most educational bodies frown upon a professor and student becoming romantically or sexually involved, without knowing more about the Academy code of coduct I think it would be safe to assume that such standards would remain.

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Obviously nothing has been destroyed. And it's, I think, a little odd that you don't agree with the words "sexy" and "sassy" since you're the one who introduced them into the conversation. I certainly did not, and neither did the writers or the director, IIRC.
Why make such drastic changes to the character if that wasn't their intention? As the only female in the cast she has to be used as the 'sex appeal' and giving her all the attitude makes her more modern.

That's how it comes across to me.
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