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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

1) This Is 40 - C+
2) Easy A - A-
3) The Bounty Hunter - B+
4) Crazy, Stupid, Love. - B-

5) What To Expect When You're Expecting - B+
6) Contagion - C
7) Identity Thief - A


The second movie I've seen in theatre's this year takes me top spot so far.

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy are perfect for their roles. In all of his movies that I have seen, Bateman manages to play a family man or a straight man who is great comedically, but isn't a caricature like so many others. McCarthy does start out as the silly goofy character, which she does well, but once she takes the pounds of makeup off and looks like her Molly character from TV, she takes a possible one note character and adds layers to it.

Another shout out goes to Robert Patrick as the bounty hunter. He plays the character so well and you had to smile every time he comes on the screen.

It's not a dramatic piece, but it had me laughing. I definitely recommend it.
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