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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Penumbra (**½)

Did you ever notice that all Worf's relationships start out with the woman involved attempting to pummel him? He had sex with Kheyler, Jadzia, and now Ezri after they attempted to hit him. The obvious exception here is Troi, but their relationship was so lacking in sexuality that it was officially endorsed by the Catholic church. Anyway, making the leap from physical assault to sex makes sense for a Klingon, but it's clichéd. Another cliché is when a man and woman are trapped together and constantly bicker until they suddenly find themselves bumping uglies. Jungle sex is also a bit of a cliché, but this episode gets around that by adding the WTFness of having them keep their clothes on, which I suppose is a sensible precaution in an environment where strange alien bees are trying to climb into your anus.

The weirdness between Ezri and Worf was something that the show needed to address before it finished, but did they really need to hook up? Is it too much to ask that they talk out their remaining problems without further complicating it? It feels like we've wasted part of DS9's final chapter on a detour into territory that the show would have been best to avoid.

Meanwhile, Sisko has finally started making plans for his house on Bajor, which is a nice throwback to his little speech to Admiral Ross in Favor the Bold. While playing with his doll house late one night, he proposes to Kasidy in a sweet little scene that's refreshingly free of melodrama, presumably because Worf/Ezri used that week's quota. Sisko and Kasidy's relationship has been a rather down to Earth one.

Boy meets girl. Girl invites boy to baseball game. Boy shaves head. Girl is sent to prison for transporting supplies to terrorists. Boy seemingly forgets about girl. Girl comes back during boy's mental breakdown brought about by visions of the future. Girl disappears for a year. Girl shows up again during boy's second mental breakdown where he has visions of the past. Girl convinces boy that historically inaccurate holosuite programs are okay. Boy proposes to girl.

Okay, when you type it all out it doesn't seem all that down to Earth, but for Star Trek their relationship has been surprisingly ordinary.

Sadly for Sisko, his mother shows up and tells him he can't get married or there'll be "nothing but sorrow", which is Sarah's way of saying that she doesn't like Kasidy. That's when I realised something; the Prophets didn't try to prevent Sisko from marrying Jennifer, and Jennifer's death played a huge part in Sisko meeting the Prophets. Wouldn't it have been a kicker if the Prophets had somehow been responsible for her death? The revelation about Sarah Sisko fell a little flat as we had never met her nor Sisko's supposed mother before, but Jennifer's death was the starting point of the whole show, it has huge significance for the series, and to tie that beginning back into the end would have been great storytelling.

Maybe it would have been too dark. Maybe it would have been too villainous. (Kidnapping a woman and forcing her to have a baby against her will is perfectly fine, of course.) Maybe it would have been one sin that Sisko wouldn't have been able to forgive. But it might have been a more interesting way to take the Prophet storyline than the way it turned out.

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