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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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Seems like something that would be hard- if not impossible- for the Federation Council to simply ignore/overlook during a major war? Or was the Federation Council just REALLY that desperate by then? I'm wondering why they even thought to bring this up unless it was supposed to be important somehow?
The Federation was desperate for the technology the Son'a could promise. Harnessing the power of the planet to heal injuries and essentially extend life would be hugely beneficial to the war effort. It was a joint operation with the Son'a in which the Federation supplies the manpower and the funds, and the Son'a provide their technology. The fact that the Son'a also cooperated with the Dominion was of little consequence to their goal of obtaining the life preserving technology.

yep. I doubt they cared about the drug supply thing considering the benefits they were getting out of the arrangement. Well, the benefits they would have gotten had Picard not sabotaged the operation and turned the Son'a into outright allies of the Dominion rather than merely suppliers.
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