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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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She is abrasive, snooty, cold and blackmails a professor she's been shagging to get a better assignment. I'd hardly call that a fully realised character.
Actually, yes, what you've just described is a fully realized character. It seems like you wouldn't like her as a person if she were a real person, but that's an entirely different thing. A good character is not necessarily one that you'd like to meet or share time with.
All changes I could understand if it had been her father killed aboard the Kelvin, but she should be just the same person she was in the prime universe.

Also with behaviour like that, surely she'd have been kicked out of the Academy and Spock dismissed from Starfleet for abusing his position, which would have rendered both of them unable to serve onboard any ship.

I'm not against a reboot and adding new elements to the characters, so long as they make sense. I'm not the hugest TOS fan out there, but it was what started Trek and many have a a special place for it in their hearts, with characters who are like old friends. Destroying that just to make someone 'sexy' (sorry, but I just don't see it) or 'sassy' (I can think of many things to call her, that isn't one of them) is just poor writing.
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