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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

They should have either kept TOS exactly the same, scene for scene or gone George Lucas insane, adding much more detail to the ships and alien crewmemembers in the background.

I think the latter could have been a lot of fun - I'd love to see Arex on the bridge manning a previously empty station, or Kirk and Spock walk past M'ress in a hallway. Replace the obvious pictures hung around the bridge with animated displays. Re-edit the Klingon fleet scene in "Errand of Mercy" so you see an enourmous fleet made up of a variety of Klingon ship types, one leading ship takes a warning potshot at the Enterprise. Have the M-5 take on an upgraded Phase II-style Connie, a Franz Joseph Dreadnought and a TOS-style Miranda. Add a window or two to the recreation room.
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