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I like my job. It's not my dream job, but it's good. I work for a small educational publishing house doing editing, writing, and curriculum consultation, mainly. It's a small company so there's a lot of variety in what I do -- one day I'll be meeting with the president developing a new line of interactive math eBooks, the next I'll be helping move boxes and stuffing envelopes, then doing research, etc. The variety is good, and is a perfect mix of demanding work like curriculum development, research, and writing, and mindless work like data entry and organizing books. It's great to have a day where you can just throw on your headphones and listen to music or podcasts all day while doing a menial task, but it's balanced with the tougher stuff so I don't feel I'm wasting my brain.

I also believe in what we do: we publish high-quality science, math, and history books for kids, and are really leading the way in incorporating edtech. I also like the people I work with for the most part, and enjoy a laid-back environment where I can fool around online a bit (I'm at work now). I find it very low-stress -- but then again, I was a public school teacher for emotionally disturbed special education for several years before this, so nothing in the business world could ever stress me out. The pay is so-so, though I suspect I'll be up for a raise soon. The location is good, in the Flatiron District, and not too bad a commute. I also have enough time and energy to pursue my out of work life and interests.

Like I said, though, it's not my dream job. I'd really like to go back to school for a phd in neuropsychology, and do research. I'm not financially in the best place for that, though, and even more importantly, I have some health issues right now that I really need to resolve before I can risk losing my insurance. For now, this job will do the trick. I'm going to do everything I can to figure out how to get back into school, but I also wouldn't be destroyed if I stayed here. Also, we have one of those old-timey rolling book ladders, which is awesome, and the printers are on my floor near my desk, so when I get board at work, I just pretend we're an old-timey printing press and I imagine all my coworkers with handlebar mustaches and visors and waistcoats and bussels and corsets and things.
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