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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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Plus if a sci fi franchise built on the premise of equality is as sexist as the average popcorn movie, don't you think that is a failure on the part of the writers?
No, because I don't agree that Star Trek was built on the premise of equality. Its most recent incarnation is just as sexist as the franchise has always been.
I agree they've never successfully shown it on screen but nonetheless the show is founded on that premise.

Classic example of failing to live up the ideals is a recent comic featuring Keenser where, instead of adapting the workplace to allow Keenser to do his job as we would have to in the 20th century (a simple antigrav plate or an old fashioned step would do the trick) Scotty suggests that Keenser might not be cut out to serve on a starship. What makes it worse is that Keenser is being protrayed as a senior officer - like Starfleet is going to crap out officers that can't even do their job.

So I do think we should offer criticism to encourage them to do better and live up to the premise instead of shrugging and saying oh well, it's always been like that.

For that Voyager was still in many ways very sexist, it did take some forward steps. Building on that would be good. NuTrek most definitely did not.
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