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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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Conjecture is the bread and butter of any forum.
True, but there's a point where it becomes "please comment on this fanfic I just wrote".

For my part, the sexism of the movie was annoying and making it less sexist would have been a plus. For my part some of the behaviour and coincidences were a bit too clumsy so making them less clumsy would have been a plus.
That I can agree with, although I didn't find Star Trek any more sexist than most popcorn movies, i.e. it was a little bit sexist. There are so many examples of actual, tangible sexism all around us that I can't conjure the strength to be up in arms just because Uhura spent some of her screen time as one of the main characters' love interest.
Uhura is the token female silly. It's all the other characters you need to look at when assessing how sexist the movie was. Plus if a sci fi franchise built on the premise of equality is as sexist as the average popcorn movie, don't you think that is a failure on the part of the writers?

Ooh - and please comment on this fanfic I wrote:
Star Trek/Babylon 5/Alien crossover

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