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Re: which character takes your fancy?

...I don't think Jadzia comes across as self-important. But with the memories of several lifetimes to draw on, I reckon everyone around you must seem like kids sometimes, so she's a bit aloof and ironic, yes... anyway....

question to the gentlemen:
anyone else notice that Bajoran Dabo girl who only shows up once in the episode "Rivals" (where this guy replicates some strange gaming device and nearly drives Quark out of business)?
She's only shown the once, flirting with Quark's business rival in the establishment he's set up. She had glorious golden-blond hair (sort of weirdly done up in what looked like a crown with points), legs like you've never seen, a figure like a damn gazelle and the loveliest face... did she stick in anyone else's mind or am I the only one rewinding that scene 10 times just so I could get a better look at her??
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