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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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Yeah INS doesn't have a stardate so you can be flexible with when it is set. I like to think INS happens after the Dominion War ends.
I think it was meant to be set in the seventh season of DS9. Worf became Federation Ambassador on Kronos when DS9 ended, in Insurrection he is wearing a Starfleet uniform and Picard orders him to delay his return to DS9.
I tend to agree, it's clearly meant to take place in DS9's season seven. Wasn't there going to be a mention of the recent death of Jadzia in an earlier draft of the story?

This all reminds me, back in 1999 our local television channels were still showing DS9 somewhere in Season Five, and the VHS releases were only a fraction further than that. I remember being terribly confused by a lot of what is mentioned about the DS9 side of the Dominion War in INS at the time (I do understand that it was contemporaneous to where DS9 was at in the US broadcasts).
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