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Re: Dukat character - writer's mess?!

Besides, and this just simply annoys me, the writers seem to have forgotten their own introductory premise when they started off on the whole mystical tangent of Sisko's birth having been pre-arranged for a purpose by the Prophet entities, etc.

I remember very clearly the first episode and Sisko's first encounter with those entities. Not only did they not purposely manipulate the individual fates of any linear-time beings, they knew next to nothing about them!; in fact they mostly seemed to want to be left alone. They objected to the shuttle's passage through their wormhole and thought Sisko had come to kill them!, and they needed a lot of persuasion to accept that he and his kind were not enemies. Now how that's meant to tie in with how the Prophets were later portrayed I'm buggered if I know.

O.k., so sometimes as a writer you get what you think is a brilliant new idea half-way through, or you want to take something in a new direction, but if it flatly contradicts anything you've established before then you can't. Not unless you want to re-write the entire book; and since in screenwriting you can't go back and re-write what's already been aired, you just have to leave it alone instead of hoping nobody notices the discrepancy.
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