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Re: Your Awwww picture of the day

yes, he is He looks genuinely Dsungarian Dwarf Hamster but is actually a mix of Dsungarian and Campbell. (I've met his siblings and some of them look typically Campbell).
This heritage makes things a bit complicated as this particular mix tends to have Type 1 Diabetes - and those who don't, develop Type 2 at a quite early age. Professor Tibatong is not (yet) afflicted with either, which is surprising, considering the fact that he already is about 19 months old (in human years he'd be in his late 50s).
He loves cookies and I see to it that the rest of the family at least feed him low carb ones. And he gets a special dwarf hamster food (low-carb & high-protein - dwarf hamsters eat far more insects than their big Syrian cousins do) that doesn't contain honey, sugar and other sweeteners.
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