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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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I liked the original star trek from way back in the day, I enjoyed the older movies, TNG and deep space nine. But Voyager is the first star trek series with so many uninteresting characters.
Have you watched TNG recently? Can you tell me whats interesting about any of those characters other than Picard and Data?
Extremely annoying
Neelix was annoying as hell, BUT with good reason. He'd seen a lot of tragedy, he was pretty fucked up and very insecure. It was an act he put on and I think Ethan Phillips did a great job of showing that when he got time in the spotlight.
Commander Chipotle
Annoying, serves no purpose in the show. Constantly gives janeway bad advice. Native American angle is extremely boring. They should just replace his face with a freshly made chipotle and just play some mexican music in the background, maybe a drum with a buffalo running in the background. That would be far more interesting lol.
Chakotay was the dullest character on the show by far.
Tom Paris
Serves no purpose, annoying. If he wasn't on the show there would be no difference in anything.
I wish they'd kept Tom the cocky jerk he was in the lead-up to "Basics"
All she does is complain, it's annoying as hell.
Her depression episodes were the worst-handled thing in modern Trek with the exception of "Dear Doctor" and "The Outcast". But otherwise I found her inoffensive.
Harry Kim
Serves no purpose, annoying, the most boring character in all of star trek.
He was a bright eyed kid whose hopes were totally fucked when Voyager was stranded. He put on a brave face. Not used very well, but I liked the intent.

I can only assume you've repressed all memories of Wesley and Beverlump from Next Gen, to call Harry Trek's most boring character.
I think if they removed the above five characters the show would be a lot better.
I think cutting 3-5 parts would improve all the Trek series, with the exception of TOS.

Janeway, Tuvok, seven and the Doctor are very interesting characters. Kes was becoming interesting as well but then they removed her.

I'm just shocked at how badly they dropped the ball with this series.
I enjoyed it for what it was. But if you didn't, why are you torturing yourself by watching it?
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