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Re: TNG: Dark Mirror by Diane Duane Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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^ IIRC, the mirror universe uniforms were the same as their primary counterparts, except the collars were higher and the colors were darker (plus many crewmembers wore personal sidearms or blades). Alternate Troi was the only one who really wore a completely different uniform style, for obvious reasons.
IIRC, there was something about the guy uniforms showing off a lot of muscle or something, which made me think they were short-sleeved or something.
Basically, everyone--including the command staff, even Picard--had uniforms that exposed large swathes of skin. LaForge's uniform was compared to a stoker's.
Yep. IIRC, Duane described lots of muscle, somewhat at odds with the slightly portly-looking LaForge Prime from the TV series.

Another little tidbit I just remembered was that some crew members had metal fillings. Something small that said so much about the differences in philosophy between the universes. They built an overpowered, oversized Enterprise that ours would be no match for in a fight, but their medical technology was far behind that of the Trek we know.
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