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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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I think there were only two leads in the last movie and that were Kirk and Spock. McCoy and Uhura were on the same level behind them. We will see, how it is in the next movie. As I really like McCoy, I hope his role isn't getting smaller.

I don't mind it in itself, that Uhura got more screentime, just how it was used. It just feels so cliche, that the only significant female character spent a large amount or her screentime being the love interest of the two main male characters.

And there were only three other halfway memorable female characters in the movie, Winona, Amanda and Gaila. Winona and Amanda were defined solely as wives and mothers before they were killed off. And Gaila was mainly seen in bed with Kirk and later she probably died off screen.

If there would have been other female characters, who don't spend a large degree or all of their screentime being the girlfriend/wife/mother of a male character, then a few female characters with traditional female roles wouldn't have been a problem for me.
They definitely missed a trick by leaving out Number One and T'Pau from a plot where they could easily have been incorporated. We ended up with a 21st century interpretation that was more sexist than the 60s source material, which shocking and disheartening.

I've banged on quite a bit that they could have utilised Rand as a security guard to modernise her and expand the role of the women. I would have preferred it if Kirk had been beamed with a security escort to Delta Vega so that his encounter with Spock was not so ludicrously coincidental, we could have Kirk pleading with Rand to trust him, cementing her loyalty to him, and the snow beast could have been used while going outside to upgrade Scotty's equipment to beam onto a (much closer - since Kirk hasn't wasted a day trekking across the snow) ship at warp.

This also overcomes the lack of logic in using an escape capsule that might well be needed later on. Scotty should have picked up Kirk's emergency beacon and beamed him to the base, delaying his rescue by mere minutes. We don't know why that didn't happen but Spock certainly could not have predicted it. It was a petulant waste of resources.
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