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Re: "10 Reasons Deep Space Nine Was Cruelly Misjudged"

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Visitor always came up short for me partially because of the nasally, whiny voice. But also because she simply gets blown out of the water by Michelle Forbes performance in Ensign Ro. Forbes pulled me into the Bajoran plight through a haunted recollection of the death of her father. Whenever Visitor told of the occupation, it always came across as someone complaining about a long-line at the local Walmart.

Your mileage may vary...
I always thought Ro seemed more human than Bajoran, she did not appear to be pious plus as a member of her species she was a bit of an oddity leaving Bajor and then joining Starfleet. Ro was a good character, but if you wanted a main character to represent Bajor, then Ro just doesn't cut it. Though it doesn't help that Ro was developed BEFORE the writers came up with the Prophets, the resistance groups and Bajoran faith.

Whereas with Kira she always came off Bajoran (even if in the first season or so she (Nana Visitor) didn't quite get into her role), but I thought Duet straightened out any problems. Can you imagine Ro taking Kira's place in Duet? Ro might not have even heard of the Gallitep labour camp for that matter!
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