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Re: The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

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Oh, so do I, but Marley has unintentionally scared the hell out of several people over the years. What really makes us laugh is when we're walking him on the lead/leash and people with smaller dogs cross the road to avoid us. Marley's afraid of our cats, for crying out loud, and is submissive to practically every dog he's ever met, no matter what size. The thought that anyone thinks he's vicious is hilarious.
It's funny...I'm a lot more scared of small dogs than I am of big ones. Almost every mean dog I've encountered has been a small one or even a toy dog. Large dogs like Labs I am not bothered by. I would never, ever own a dog, but I do enjoy playing with others' dogs. As long as they go home to their owner when I'm worn out.

Unfortunately when I was little, I was terrified of the family dog, a Labrador with poor training and absolutely zero self control. My parents couldn't understand why it was terrifying when a dog twice my weight would come running at me. So unfortunately I only got to really know and like the dog when she got old and slow, and more like having a really, really large cat than a dog. I like to hope that at least that made her last year of life that bit more pleasant.
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