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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

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They made Andy as much of an abusive partner as one can and keep at TVPG rating.
The writers have always struggled with whether Andy is a good guy or a bad guy. But this latest heel turn is just shitty daytime soap opera writing.

Between this, the 'cousin Oliver' cameraman and the manufactured Jim and Pam drama, this is a master class in how to not do a final season.
I agree about Andy, that storyline has been terrible, but Jim and Pam's storyline manufactured?

I find their arc this season incredibly realistic. Jim has hated his job for years, now he has a chance for a job he likes so he jumps at the opportunity. This opportunity forces him to spend much of his time in Philadelphia, making Pam lonely and giving her the sole burden of child-rearing while he's away. And her own established insecurities force her to lash out in ways that don't address the actual issue, her loneliness and her stress, and her knowledge that this is Jim's best chance to have a job he loves.

This is how real couples break up. They start to want different things out of life. I feel like they're going to end up staying together at the end, but they've done a good job creating that doubt and that drama.
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