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Your job...

I've long thought that very few people love their job. Perhaps not that many more than few simply like their job. From that I mean people who are doing something they have dreamed of and strived for and reached.

I think we've all done jobs we've disliked or even outright hated. It can be a dispiriting, even soul crushing, experience to go to work already discouraged, grind through the long hours and drag yourself home rarely if ever feeling better about it. It can be hard and even affect your off-work time. It certainly can affect your sense of self-worth.

Presently I've been reflecting on what a difference a little more than a year can make. In 2011 right up to the end of it I was borderline miserable at work. It wasn't all bad, but it could often be tainted by an immediate superior who was, well, I'll just say weak in a number of ways. Maybe he didn't mean to, but he simply managed to get on most people's bad side. He was a lousy communicator often managing to say the wrong thing and just wasn't good with people. Yeah, I could go on about him, but that's beside the point. The simple fact was he poisoned the work place environment. When he was around everyone was on edge. He was counteracted to a point by his immediate superior who was a genuinely good guy to work with. Still, a lot of people (including me) were actively looking for another job.

At the very end of 2011 the weak one left and there was an immediate difference. Work still had certain trials and issues, but the constant air of oppressive negativity was gone. Unfortunately six months later the good manager left as well, right in the middle of when my work place was going through some drastic changes.

Now flash forward to today. All the drastic changes are done with and for the most part it's positive and for the better. We have an almost entirely new management team and (as luck would have it) they are all great. The overall atmosphere is a lot more positive and with little negativity (because nothing is truly perfect).

No, I don't love my job. Yet I can say their are aspects to it I rather like. Overall I don't mind going to work everyday. When I don't feel like working it's usually because I'm feeling ill and not because I find anything about my work onerous. I get along with everyone, I like my immediate coworkers and I feel liked and trusted by my superiors.

For most of us I think we can all think of easily half a dozen things we'd rather be doing than working. But it's nice when your work doesn't feel like a burden.

If you are someone having a trying time at work then I sympathize because I (and I'm sure many others) have been there...more than once.

Are you presently okay with your work? Maybe you really like it? Or are you having a difficult time?
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