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Re: "10 Reasons Deep Space Nine Was Cruelly Misjudged"

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And I agree with those who say she's the best regular female character in all of Trek.
Yeah, I think so. And that's not really a knock on anyone else. I've seen pretty much everything pop sci-fi on tv has to offer, and what Visitor was able to do as Kira is pretty remarkable, really, as far as creating a vivid, fully-realized character is concerned.

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You had it easy. To watch DS9 I used to have to run past TNG fans that threw gravel in my face while wearing a straitjacket, and I was forced to watch it outside in the snow on a tiny black and white TV while text flashed on the screen telling me I was going to hell for liking Garak.
A straitjacket? Ha! You were lucky. I had to strip naked for the merciless flagellation I would endure prior to going outside to lie down in the snow for hours on my front lawn in the hope that I might hear a few small snippets of dialogue being rebroadcast on my neighbor's transistor radio.

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