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Re: VOY Caption Contest 102, couples never meant to be; Janeway/Chakot

Thanks for the win!

Janeway: All these years, all these battles this things never fallen down before.

Chakotay: (thinking) Was that a pickup line?

Janeway: Bless me, Doctor, for I have sinned.

The Doctor: I know. Next time, remember to say "Janeway Out" Before you start going at it with your First Officer!

Tuvok: Captain, it has come to the attention of the crew that you and Commander Chakotay are as Mister Paris calls it: "knocking boots."

Chakotay: And?

Tuvok: The crew hasn't stopped laughing for 200 light years.

Chakotay: This was a great idea, Kathryn. A vacation away from it all.

Janeway: Yeah, you see... this really isn't working for me anymore. It's not you, it's me. But I'm still the Captain, so I keep the ship. Goodbye, Chakotay.

Janeway: Hmmm... maybe it was overkill to just abandon him on that planet when we broke up. Oh, well. Warp Factor 8, Mister Paris.
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