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Starship Ironsides

After 18 months of planning (and a lifetime of dreaming!) we’ve decided to go “live” and publicly launch the production of our new live TOS-era fanfilm – “Starship: Ironsides”, being produced by Ironside Productions: based in Rochester, NY.

Obviously, our ship is the U.S.S. Constitution and we’ve decided to take a chance – and go in a different direction. Our ship’s mission is NOT an “exploratory” one. Our Fleet Captain and his ship are the command center for one of the fleets, and assigned to a patrol sector on the edge of known territory. Instead of Horitio Hornblower (Kirk) we follow Lord Nelson. (or Lord Hornblower if you choose LOL)

This is the same time period and the same Federation that Kirk is in…we’re just aiming to tell a different kind of story. We hope our fanfilm will bring to Starfleet the “feel” of the time period that Gene Roddenberry established: a mirror of the exciting maritime period of Empire and Exploration when crew and officers had to make the choice to be off, away from the world the know and the people they love for long periods of time: and how they coped with that.

The first ship of the line, the Constitution oversees the fleet on the edge of established territory and exploratory ships. Like all ships of the line, she deals with colonies, skirmishes, new contacts, shipping lanes, territorial disputes, and an entire fleet of small and large ships going about their business: all while charged with maintaining current Federation directives.

Our series bible is almost done, and we’ve got several scripts in development. We’ll start casting soon. James Cawley offered the use of his sets to film on, and we’ve been talking to Ajax as well. We plan to keep our crew small and friendly, but we’re always open to offers of help!

Our goal is to have something filmed by the end of the year. You can keep track of our adventures in film making on our FaceBook page:

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