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Re: a 198'' model of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A

good evening everyone

first of all thanks for the interest you people are showing. I did not expect this and it comes as a surprise. I was very anxious to write about this project as it is a vast undertaking.

From where I come from, often i've seen people come around with great ideas and project to see nothing came out of it.

also i have a tendency to go on writing sprees and get into weird details that seems strangely important like what is going on with the doors on that ship? They slide but they have no walls to slide in!?! worst, nobody seems to care!!!!

So before i proceed is it possible to know what you guys prefer, more as a telegram sort of post or, with your permission, i will take some time to write a complete story/history regarding this project.

to answer a few questions

to alex: yes i am serious. Ceiling hung will permit a more realistic construction of the superstructure, removing the need for a complex rig to support the weight. Basically, each part composing the ship would be hanging separately. The Enterprise will be installed on a train wagon. I will explain this later.

to sojourner: i've been comparing blueprints from many sources, been finding a lot of differences, there is a lot of confusion and still don't know what to do yet, can you help with that, do you have access to material regarding the superstructure? I was thinking about combining them to come up with something realistic without changing the visual aspect of the ship. Any ideas?

Finally i will conclude this message by saying that building a project on that scale involves building all sorts of tools, jigs and rigs. I won't simply throw out silicon molds when i am done... all the work i put into this is at your disposal, if you want a ship, i will gladly cast it for you. Anyone has any idea how people go about it usually? I was thinking about making the parts available as the ship is being built. Guidance on this matter would be appreciated. I look for no profit.

again thanks for your time
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