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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Regarding book dropping, I've dropped a good deal of the New 52 books. The only ones I'm continuing to buy:

Batwing (eventually might go the trade route)
I, Vampire (I'll go ahead and finish it out despite the cancellation)
Aquaman (actually in the process of dropping; it's been a slow process)
Suicide Squad (I need to drop this one, but Adam Glass keeps bringing me back)

Special Mention
Green Arrow: I really liked Lemire's first issue. Green Arrow I might buy or just wait to pick up as a trade.

Ultimate Spider-Man (skipped the last issue and probably will drop; I like it for the most part still, but it's too expensive)
New Avengers (probably will just wait for equally expensive trade)
Fearless Defenders (liked the first issue, but iffy on whether I will buy more)

Walking Dead (I just pick this up as a trade)
Invincible (now that they've hit the 100# issue, I'll probably drop)

Dark Horse
Surprisingly I'm not reading any of the Star Wars books out right now. Was really into Darth Maul: Death Sentence and I picked up most of the Lost Tribe books.

Shadowman (really liked the first issue, but I'm waiting on the trade)

Caligula: Heart of Rome
The Spider (probably will drop, though I would like to pick up the trades, not saying I will though)
Masks (already dropped)
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