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Re: TNG: Dark Mirror by Diane Duane Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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The Song of the Twelve?

I found the below blog post

that takes note, with some degree of upset, the various Young Wizards references in Dark Mirror. These Easter eggs don't bother me, although they do make me want to actually read that Duane series.
That's a good idea. Be aware, though, that there are two versions of the first four books; not long ago, Duane revised them to be more contemporary (since, after all, the characters have only aged a few years in-story in the more than two decades the books have been coming out, so aspects of the early novels were outdated, like the computer tech, the lack of cell phones and their associated lifestyle changes, etc.). So you can choose whether you prefer the original versions complete with continuity problems or if you'd rather have the series feel more cohesive by getting the updated versions.

There's also a spinoff series which is less YA-oriented, the Feline Wizards novels -- definitely worth reading if you're into cats.

It's not clear to me that they did a good job of depicting Hwiii as a being foreign to Earth, what with his friend who got podded off of the Carolinas and the very close identification of Hwiii's own multispecies cetacean civilization with the cetaceans of Earth.
Yeah, it was just a passing reference to Hwiii being from another planet, and it clashes with the character's portayal throughout the book. Which is why I'm convinced it was a change requested in the revision phase and that Duane's actual intent was for Hwiii to be a real Terran dolphin.
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