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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I honestly don't like the old Power Girl costume, the current one is nicer.

Currently I'm picking up:

Action Comics
Detective Comics
Smallville "Season 11" (Non N52 universe.)
World's Finest

Recently dropped:
Dial H (it wasn't holding my interest. Too out there and just wasn't going anywhere.)
Earth 2 (not much going on it either to keep me going.)
The Dark Knight (dropped mostly due to it not holding my interest and me needing to thin out my pulls.)

On the verge of dropping:
Flash. (Mostly, again, on needing to thin out my pulls and The Flash just isn't a character I find to be a "must read." Will drop it when the current arc/story line ends.)

As said above, I need to collect the issues of Justice League and Superboy that deal with the current arcs. (H'El on Earth and Throne of Atlantis, respectively.)


NON-DC.... WTF?!
Ghostbusters. It's odd what happened here, it's was a good comic but the current iteration Ghostbusters... ended? And a new book took its palce called "The New Ghostbusters" in which Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston have been "kidnapped" by ghosts into the afterlife/another dimension. Janine recruits a new group of Ghostbusters to take their place (including a rival group of "ghost hunters" in a previous arc) until the guys return.

This was and odd occurrence in what has been an otherwise good comic. First of all the main draw is now gone (that being the titular characters we buy the comic to see) but the name of the comic changed which impacted the automatic pulls from my ComiXology account. It seems implied the "real guys" may come back sooner or later, at which point I'll likely pick up the comic again but the choices made here are odd.
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