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Re: TNG: Dark Mirror by Diane Duane Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I enjoyed Dark Mirror, much as I do most of Diane Duane's work.

Continuity problems be damned; I just shelf it as part of the Young Wizards universe now.
Nice idea. (For those who don't know, the book references an aquatic ritual that's an important part of Deep Wizardry.)
The Song of the Twelve? (That came up on Goodreads.)

I found the below blog post

that takes note, with some degree of upset, the various Young Wizards references in Dark Mirror. These Easter eggs don't bother me, although they do make me want to actually read that Duane series.

Although you have to gloss over the way the book refers to Hwiii as an alien delphinoid rather than an Earth dolphin -- something which I suspect Duane was required to do by Richard Arnold or some editor or licensor who had a problem with the portrayal of Earth dolphins as being that intelligent (although the TNG Technical Manual's reference to the E-D having dolphin and orca navigational consultants aboard would argue that such a portrayal would've been perfectly acceptable to the show's makers).
Never mind the basic premise of Star Trek IV. It's not clear to me that they did a good job of depicting Hwiii as a being foreign to Earth, what with his friend who got podded off of the Carolinas and the very close identification of Hwiii's own multispecies cetacean civilization with the cetaceans of Earth.

Call it convergent evolution, call it transplantation by the Preservers if you must. It certainly didn't bother me, and actually was something I liked.
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